When love for fitness takes a self motivated person to places: Fitness Revolution Gym


In the fitness world, there are people who get a right guidance from their teachers and instructors and do well in the future. And then there are those rare individuals who start on their own and become their own mentor. We are going to cover a person who started bodybuilding on his own and gained knowledge with self-dedication and motivation for fitness.

Mr. Shashi Kant Sharma is one of those rare individuals who became their own mentor and learned everything about fitness on their own. Shashi Kant owns the Fitness Revolution gym in Rohini. He is in this industry from approx 18 years and successfully running the Fitness Revolution gym since 2012. He started his training with one motto, “ To be fit and keep people fit”. Before opening his own gym, He worked in some of the best gyms in Delhi NCR like Revital gym in Punjabi Bagh and Fitness zone in Pitampura. His hard work and motivation for fitness turned Fitness Revolution into one of the best gyms in Delhi NCR.

The Fitness Revolution gym came a long way since 2012. Today, the gym handles nearly 130 fitness enthusiasts. Along with Shashi Kant, there are two fitness trainers in the morning and two fitness trainers in the evening to guide the enthusiasts. The gym also trains fitness lovers for professional bodybuilding, power lifting, deadlifting, squatting, and bench press.


The students of Shashi Kant took part in various fitness competitions across India and many of them won the university competitions in bodybuilding. Apart from that, one of his student holds the title for Mr. Delhi fitness competition. Shashi Kant has spent a lot of time in fitness line and his passion for fitness is beyond words. Self-motivation can take you places if you got a purpose in life and Shashi Kant proved that.

Address: 8 B/8, Badli Rd, Sector 15, Rohini, Delhi, 110089

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