The difference between morning workouts and evening workouts


There are so many people who think morning workouts are the best thing they can do to stay fit and then there are another bunch of people who can’t manage time or even take the thought of waking up early morning. But what is the difference? Why is it that people who work out in the morning tend to be more active in their lifestyle than people who work out in the evening? Or maybe vice versa!

Let us talk about what morning and evening workout does for you.


1.As a female, you burn more fats in the morning workout session comparing to evening ones

It has been proven and if you try it on your own you will feel a drastic change. Females who eat carbs as their pre-workout meal and workout in the morning tend to lose more weight than the females who eat carbs and workout in the evening.

Good enough to wake you up in the morning?


2.A kick start to your day if you work out in the morning

It does not only improve your metabolism but also helps you in adding a kick start to your day. Exercising in the morning before breakfast (but not empty stomach, at least eat an apple if nothing) is the best time to lose weight while performing cardio because your glycogen stores will be depleted after a night of fasting hence, exercising in the morning gives you a kick start and improves metabolism which eventually helps you in setting up a routine and waking up in the morning.


3.Happier mood because of morning workouts

The endorphins released when you work out will help you start your day on a good and positive note and will help you to keep your mental awareness high for hours to come. Morning exercise boosts your mood more than evening exercise, so why not wake up early for a better you and a better mood?


4.Cold body temperature in the morning can be a little fussy

If you are not a morning person and you are trying to get yourself up in the morning and it is hard because you feel your body is stiff and you are all lazy then it is okay. It happens because your body temperature is at its lowest in the morning which means that your muscles will be colder and less flexible. You will also have lower energy levels and this increases your risks towards injury and reduces the efficiency of exercise. So before working out or lifting heavy weights make sure you have warmed up very well as I said in the beginning if you are not a morning person it may be a little messy for you but you will get there even if sticking up to it is hard.


5.Evening workouts are better too in some manner

Workouts in the evening or late afternoon may be best for building muscles and good for high intensity and power based workouts. I work out twice a day and my routine is to do cardio in the morning and then weight lifting in the evening around 4 to 5 pm and I have felt it in many ways. If I try to lift heavy weights and all, I just don’t feel the vibe to do so. Or maybe that is just me but what I am trying to tell you here is that it is good for your body to lift weight in the evening.  Since your body temperature peaks in the evening and your muscles are warm and ready to go it eventually helps.


Looking at both the points. It is okay to either workout in the morning or evening, but as a fitness trainer, I would push you to work out in the morning as it gives you more benefits if you have a fat loss goal. No matter what time you work out or how busy your life is as long as you make time to keep yourself fit and going, everything is going to be fine.


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Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal

Started with an aim of a toned body for modeling, she ended up becoming a fitness trainer. A total fitness freak, she is now on a mission to spread awareness regarding health issues and how it’s all going to be alright

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