Turn to pasta for your daily dose of carbs


There are a lot of people who think pasta is going to make you fat. If you eat it during your diet then it won’t let you lose just enough weight which is a false thing. Let me repeat it again, everything in limit is as wonderful as the feeling of being loved.

But there are people who completely ban it from their diet and it is seriously not a good thing to do. I know so many people who replace their carbs for the day with pasta instead of rice as they get bored with it but they still have abs.


There are different kinds of pasta but to be specific it is an Italian blessing to the world. You have wheat pasta, semolina pasta, white pasta and you can choose it according to your goals. I would strongly suggest for you to buy semolina or wheat pasta as it is really healthy comparing to others. There are so many amazing recipes that are totally fat-free and an amazing source of carbs.

Yes, if you are going to add a lot of cheese and this and that and some butter with it then it is eventually going to make you fat but what we are talking about right now is that whether ONLY pasta makes you fat or not. So it does not, it only works as a carb replacement for you. The Mediterranean diet consumed in moderation and respecting the variety of all of its elements is good for your health.


If you tend to eat a bowl full of cheese and mac trust me it is going to get your weight to another level of fats but if you eat boiled pasta with sauté veggies or boiled tomatoes homemade puree I bet you no gain weight and a healthy tummy.


  1. It works as a source of carb
  2. It won’t consist unnecessary starch if you boil and rinse the water and not use it again
  3. If you will not consume it with fatty things like cheese, it will work as a rich source of carb.
  4. Depending on the varieties of pasta you should choose it per your weight goals.
  5. Small diet is the key to success so pasta just works as your carbs and nothing much more than that.

Don’t hate on your favorite food now just find better and decent ways to eat them with proper taste as well.


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Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal

Started with an aim of a toned body for modeling, she ended up becoming a fitness trainer. A total fitness freak, she is now on a mission to spread awareness regarding health issues and how it’s all going to be alright

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