Types of training that you can choose per your goal


Secrets that no one is going to tell you are revealed. You surely must have heard about training but you certainly failed to figure out or decide what is the best training for me? What are my goals? Why should I do this and not that?

All your questions have answers in this article.


Types of training:

1.Resistance training: It is any form of exercise that causes muscles to contract against an external resistance, weights are just one tool. You can also use resistance or loop bands, your own body weight, water or even a partner.

2.Strength training: It is any form of resistance training engaged in to enhance muscle strength.

3.Weight training: It is any form of resistance training where weights are used to provide resistance and challenge your strength.


Bodybuilding and strength training

The sport of bodybuilding differs from strength training, its primary goals are to maximize muscle mass while reducing body fat hence sculpting your physique.

On the positive side, body building has undoubtedly inspired many people to get involved in strength training and to think about improving their fitness. Once you get in there is no way out. You fall in love with this sport because of the way it makes you look good and feel good about yourself.


Training for your sport life

You may not want to be a bodybuilder, instead you just simply want to look a bit better, increase your muscle mass amount a little and reduce your body fat levels. Who does not want to look good in skinny clothes I mean? Perhaps you want to be able to cope the daily demands of your life to find a fitter you.

Resistance training is what you are looking for here.


Training for sports

It is a topic everywhere and the truth, to be honest, is that athletes need to be engaged in strength and power training to enhance their sporting performance. Sport specific conditioning may include aspects of general strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, and even bodybuilding.


Strength sports

Another aspect of strength training is participation in the two, sports of weightlifting and powerlifting. The main thing here is to lift as much weight as possible and that takes a lot of strength and dedication and obviously great diet.


Weightlifting and powerlifting

Weightlifting features two lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. In the snatch, which is hard and takes a lot of practice to be perfect and a strong back, the motive here is to lift as much weight as possible in very less time, in a blink to be specific. Whereas in clean and jerk two lifts are there, you lift and do a front squat and then you take the barbell all the way up.

This one is all about how much can ya’ bench bro?

Heavy lifts like bench press, squat, and deadlifts. These are amazing to be honest.

It requires a large amount of pure strength but also explosive power because the lifts are completed with incredibly heavy weights that can be moved only very slowly.


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Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal

Started with an aim of a toned body for modeling, she ended up becoming a fitness trainer. A total fitness freak, she is now on a mission to spread awareness regarding health issues and how it’s all going to be alright

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