5 unhealthy foods that you always order at a fast food place


When you are out and it’s a fun day with friends or family you don’t really think much about what is going on your plate. Even if you are conscious you might end up ordering or eat something totally unhealthy that you may do not even know was healthy. Whether it’s your favorite Starbucks or subway, you don’t really see sometimes how many calories it is about to give you in return of your money plus some things are so high in calorie that you can’t even imagine and it may end up ruining your whole week’s workout or cardio. Don’t do that to yourself and learn what’s in your food.


1.Subway footlong Italian sub

(even if you did not add cheese you forgot about the fattening sauces)

Calories: 980

Fat: 49 g

Saturated Fat: 16 g

Cholesterol: 100 mg

Subway only shows you the healthy part and they quickly subtract the unhealthy part because of certain reasons. So before ordering tuna salad or double chicken, you might want to calculate what is on your plate.


2.Subway’s cookie

Did the sandwich want something sweet and healthy now? But that isn’t healthy.

Calories:220 (cal from fat 90)


Saturated Fat:5g

Cholesterol:15 mg

I know this may seem to be like less but I know so many people who always pair it up with their food causing them to take more calories.


3.Oatmeal and honey cookie CCD

Yum and yum! Who does not love cookies but the calorie count in these is dangerous for your diet!




Do you seriously think it’s worth the sweet tooth craving and you can sacrifice your hard work for it?


4.Fish and chips

Very famous and loved item by many out there and they think it’s healthy but wait.




I know how tasty it is and it seems to be very healthy and all but those calories aren’t worth it.



About 40 oz has 1968 CALORIES (this one is a winner here)

Fat: 64 g ONLY*

Sugar:250 g ONLY*

Are you really that thirsty??

Or if you are bulking then it’s a win-win with 50g protein.


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Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal

Started with an aim of a toned body for modeling, she ended up becoming a fitness trainer. A total fitness freak, she is now on a mission to spread awareness regarding health issues and how it’s all going to be alright

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