The overall fitness schedule: Women, weeks and workouts


Most of you might skip gym when your red days have finally arrived and I couldn’t lie but sometimes I am one of them because let’s talk about the truth of how annoying it can be to shower, dress up and hit the gym? I know so many females who tend to give up everything and stay in bed for 2 days and honestly that is not healthy. If women out there with endometriosis can win bodybuilding competition and overcome their pains and medicines, why can’t you? What is stopping you? Excuses? Maybe!

Here is some BIG TIME motivation for you to get yourself out of the bed and I will be writing a routine that you could follow up to keep your fitness goal in action.

Know even the fitness celebs have issue –

No more excuses ‘I can’t because I am red’-

PCOS? No problem this will solve your problem –


Week 1 is going to be like:

Your estrogens and progesterone are like ‘I gotta stay high all the time’ on feeling. It is just for a few days which will cause cramps and uneasiness but let me tell you one thing if you get yourself out of the comfort zone of warm blankets it could help you in recovering faster and avoiding cramps. These sets of hormones will help you recover faster and avoid muscle cramps so why waste them when at peak?


Week 2 is going to be like:

Rising testosterone! What are you waiting for? This is the best time out of 4 weeks to lift those heavy weights and dig into your strength training. It basically means bigger mass because of the high testosterone levels. Do your squats, bench press or even deadlift heavy but be careful about your knees.


Week 3 is going to be like:

Ovulation time around 14th day of your month. Your estrogen levels get on the peak which makes your body use fat (isn’t that amazing? Or at least fats sound worth having here), which is slower to release energy than carbs, as its primary power source, hence it is the best time for you to go running with your friends or to fall in love with the treadmill and burpees.


Week 4 is going to be like:

Your body is telling you to be prepared for the big event that is on its way and you are like ‘why Georgia why?’ but it is okay. If you can get yourself out of the warm bed to the gym trust me it’s motivating enough to get you on workout schedule even if it’s just a little bit of stretching just do it, girl, you need it.


Think about a better you each time you want to quit.


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Mrinalini Agarwal

Mrinalini Agarwal

Started with an aim of a toned body for modeling, she ended up becoming a fitness trainer. A total fitness freak, she is now on a mission to spread awareness regarding health issues and how it’s all going to be alright

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